not wanting me.
the beginning of me.
wanting myself.
thank you."
- The Hurt (Nayyirah Waheed)
Anonymous: That wasn't an ask from who you think it was 

I really don’t care who it was irregardless

I really don’t see the point in some people’s negativity. If things didn’t bother you then I don’t see why you still have to make hateful comments and use petty behaviour. It doesn’t make you look big and it doesn’t make me feel any different in the slightest besides feeling sorry for you. Grow up and get on with your life or do anything I really don’t care just stop interfering in mine when you have no place. Go back to blocking me out because that works perfectly fine for me. 

Anonymous: you move on so fast haha slut 

You are so petty it hurts get on with your life this is a bit sad and pathetic


when people mention school during vacation




how does she do this I’m scared

Is this the next exorcist movie


I follow everyone back!


talkin to ur crush like




Guys Do You Realize that when this kid grows up he’s going to see these

yeah cuz the future king has nothing better to do than waste his life on this shithole of a website

You really think this website will be here in 10 or 11 years?

The cutest photo with cal